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Fire wood

Warm up with a fire

Quality firewood to keep you warm

Quality, local firewood for long-burning warmth

During a cold Iowa winter, there's nothing like warming up beside a roaring fire. Get a long lasting fire to keep you and your family toasty with firewood from Frank's Tree Service. You'll always receive local wood that's fully dried and cured to catch fire quicker and burn longer.

A variety of firewood to fit your needs

Quantities to meet your heating needs

 •  Local firewood

 •  Dried and cured

 •  16-18 inch cuts

 •  Half or full cords

 •  Bundles

 •  Available for pick up

Whether you need enough wood to keep your wood burning stove going throughout winter, or just enough for an evening around the campfire or fire pit, you'll find it at Frank's Tree Service.


With 16-18 inch cuts and your choice of half or full cords or bundles, you'll have just what you need.

Need firewood? A variety of sizes are available for pickup at Frank's Tree Service. You'll always get local, dried, and cured wood for a great fire.


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